Born in Brasília, Brazil, Elisa has always loved visuals and their impact on people. Growing up, she would spend hours and hours taking photos, enthusiastically watching movies, writing stories and sketching fashion collections while dreaming of becoming a designer. Developing her perspective and understanding of the world while in a city that was completely planned and developed in the late 1950s, she was also affected by the modern lines, shapes and colors in her surroundings.

In 2013, everything changed. She stepped on a set for the first time and shortly realized her love of film could become a full-time way of life. Since then, Elisa has been working as a cinematographer on fiction and documentary pieces, besides music videos and branded content. Films she lensed have been screened in festivals internationally and throughout Brazil. Elisa's debut in features comes with the documentary Crackland, shot in São Paulo, as well as in Oslo, Zurich, Vancouver and New York.


Her interest is mostly focused on films that promote diverse narratives and shed light on social justice themes, emotionally connecting with the audience. She believes in the power of visual storytelling and beautiful frames, being open to different genres and styles.


In 2019, she moved from Brasília to California to become a Cinematography Fellow at the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Elisa is a member of DAFB - Brazilian Collective of Women and Transgender People in Cinematography.


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