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Elisa Souza is a Brazilian cinematographer, recently graduated from the renowned American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

She has lensed several films that have won national and international awards, including The Man Who Didn't Fit in Brasília and her feature debut, the documentary Crackland. The film, shot in São Paulo, Vancouver, New York, Zurich and Oslo, had its premiere at the 44th Mostra in São Paulo, and was picked up by O2 Play for distribution. In her narrative work, she also shot Acaso, shown at the Festival de Brasília in 2021 and awarded best feature film by the Legislative Chamber Trophy.

With experience working in Brazil and in the United States in camera crews for shorts, features and television series, she has worked on projects such as Desires of the Flesh, screened at the Sundance Festival in 2019, Cano Serrado, a co-production of Globo Filmes, and Bela Raízes, produced by Canal Futura and available on Amazon Prime Video in Brazil.

Her interest is mainly focused on films that shed light on diverse narratives, using the power of visual storytelling and beautiful compositions to connect with the audience emotionally. Elisa is also a member of DAFB - Brazilian Collective of Women and Transgender People in Cinematography.

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